Business Opportunities

Digital Gennie offers the once in a lifetime opportunity of living a healthier, wealthier life. Digital Gennie exclusive health products, and proven business opportunity, are exactly what majoring of people is combing the world for – greater wellness and financial security. You make money simply by sharing this opportunity and dream with others. JOIN US NOW and bring your passion for our simple, proven business opportunity, and you'll find the wealth and freedom you've always wanted.

How Do I Start

Starting your very own home-based business is easy. Digital Gennie ensures your success every step of the way. You have to fill a business associate application form under the sponsorship of existing business associate of the company if you don't personally know a sponsor we'll match you up with someone near you to mentor you. There's no membership or expensive investment. To qualify for all the business incomes, you have to buy the products of minimum 1500 S.V. (Sales Value) within 30 days of registration on your Unique Business ID. Training materials, successful financial plan and your commissions all will be provided. All you need to provide is your commitment to build your future and dream life.

What Do I Earn

5 Ways to Earn Unlimited * Income with Digital Gennie powerful & proven financial rewards system

Sales Incentive:

You shall be eligible for this incentive if you actively participate in business development of the company. You shall have to appoint two direct distributors in two independent teams A (left) and B (right). After this you & your team appoint one more distributors through these two teams or their sponsors. Whenever you & your sponsored distributors will appoint any number of new distributors in these two teams you will be eligible for sales incentive 10% of matching Sales Value. You can earn a maximum 2 times of login sales value daily.

Direct / Spill Over Incentive:

You can earn 5% of your every sponsor’s sales value.

Sponsor Level Commission:

Sponsor Level Commission (%)
Level-01 07.00%
Level-02 03.00%
Level-03 02.00%
Level-04 02.00%
Level-05 01.50%
Level-06 01.50%
Level-07 01.00%
Level-08 01.00%
Level-09 00.50%
Level-10 00.50%

Leadership Recognition:

Total Income Designation Tours
Total Income 1 Lac Executive Domestic Tour 2N/3D
Total Income 2.5 Lac Silver Executive Domestic Tour 4N/5D
Total Income 5 Lac Pearl Executive Domestic Tour With Family 4N/5D
Total Income 10 Lac Emerald Executive International Tour
Total Income 25 Lac Gold Executive International Tour + 1 
Total Income 50 Lac Platinum Executive International Tour with Family
Total Income 1 Crore Diamond Executive World Tour

Repurchase Incentive

Power Plan

To qualify for this commisson you have to develop your both side business teams (Left T Right)

  • The team who will work fast will be considered as big team and will get following commission slab.

  • On the other hand small team will flat 6% commission.

Royalty on Self Repurchase

To eligible for royalty of companies repurchase turnover, you have to purchase company’s products on monthly basis. On your own purchasing you will get the benefits of given slab.

Monthly Purchase (B.V.) Royalty Percentage
1000 B.V. 5%
2500 B.V. 3%
5000 B.V. 2%

In the above given percentage of this slab is equally divided in eligible members.

Royalty = Companies Repurchase Turnover X Given Slab Percentage Eligible Members

Terms & Conditions

  • Monthly sale is mandatory for being an active distributor and commission paid.
  • Sales Incentive, Direct/Spill over Incentive & Sponsor Level Commission will be paid on daily basis.
    (a) TDS (05% for PAN card holders, 20% for Non-PAN Card Holders).
    (b) Admin Charges (5%) will be applicable on every Payout as per company rules.
    (c) Trimming is applicable on Sales Incentive.
  • If distributor is not satisfied with quality of products, he/she can exchange the products within 30 days of Purchase date
  • Only Single ID is valid for a person or a PAN.
  • *Reward, Award & Bonanza will be given after 15 days from the Date of achievement.
    (a) All rewards will be based on ex-showroom price (All taxes and duty will be paid by distributor).
  • Rs 50/- as bank charges on cash Deposit for per transaction.